Friday, August 29, 2008

Pictures from Shrimp Camp

During Leslie's recent fortnight at Shrimp Camp in Panama, she and Sammy (Mixed Meters' reader at Oxford) tried to take some "David" pictures - meaning shots I might have taken had I been there, camera in hand.

I've edited seven of those shots and mixed in one more, taken long ago and far away from shrimp camp. Can you pick my picture from their pastiche shots? It's a kind of a contest.

Shrimp Camp - beach waves
Shrimp Camp - crate
Shrimp Camp - driftwood
Shrimp Camp - leaf and fruit
Shrimp Camp - lilly pads
Shrimp Camp -Mushroom
Shrimp Camp - palm leaft
Shrimp Camp - soul in the sand

Click any picture for an enlargened version.

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Anonymous said...

the odd one out is #2.