Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Poof, You're A Pimp

Poof You're A Pimp album art by Eric N. Peterson
Poof, You're A Pimp is finally finished. It seems to me that I've been working on it for ever. The composition process was finished months ago. I've been mixing it, remixing it, listening to it incessantly and then, after ignoring it for a week or two, finally listening to it again, becoming depressed by the way it sounds and starting the cycle all over again.

But now it's as finished as it's going to get. There it is. Take it.

Poof, You're A Pimp is Copyright (c) 2008 by David Ocker. It's 722 seconds long, that's one fifth of an hour - plus two seconds. It's the longest computer-composed single movement I've ever posted. Listen now. Or not.

Click here to listen to POOF, YOU'RE A PIMP

If you choose "not", you might want to play the Poof, You're A Pimp Trailer - a short piece with voice over extolling the virtues of the full length work. It has about the same level of truthfulness as any movie trailer or presidential candidate; there might even be a clue or two as to what the big one is about.

Click here to listen to POOF, YOU'RE A PIMP TRAILER

And just what (I hear you ask) is Poof, You're A Pimp about?

Musically it started off as a paean to iPod shuffle play - which has given me many wonderful unexpected musical transitions. But the pieces of the mosaic started to get smaller and smaller. Eventually it became a musical stew where unidentifiable bits of things floated aimlessly. Then the stew boiled down into a lumpy paste which reminds me of a roller coaster. The advice "Get in, hang on and shut up" might be useful as you listen.

Here is a list of things you might listen for in Poof, You're A Pimp and actually be able to hear:
  • bits of jazz
  • bits of rock
  • bits of blues
  • bits of salsa
  • bits of Baroque keyboard music (dervied from Bach & Scarlatti)
  • polytemporal confusion
  • ugly harmonies
  • way too much percussion
  • 6 instances of the Poof, You're A Pimp theme (first heard just before 2 minutes, also very obviously at the end)
  • a mystery theme (clue, it's from a Russian opera)
  • trumpeting elephants
Within this musical confusion you should, of course, expect a few surprises.

Do you wonder about the title? It's a line from a Sex In The City television episode. Amanda says it to Charlotte after she expressed dismay at introducing Samantha to another woman with whom Samantha is having a Lesbian affair.

Read about and listen to another long piece of mine, Speaking With Other People's Words, here. George W. Bush is the vocalist in that piece.

The longest piece I've ever posted is Wagner and Schubert Have Intercourse, but that's in five movements. It also has a mystery theme which no one has ever identified. Read about and download WASHI here.

If the little embedded MOG players aren't working for some reason, you might try them directly here for the full piece and here for the trailer.

Here's a better piece which includes a few trumpeting elephants.


Mixed Meters' faithful reader Eric Peterson contributed the big pink album art to accompany Poof You're A Pimp. And then, showing little regard for matters of space or time (his time), he animated it. Thanks Eric, it adds just the right feeling to this post.

Find out more about Eric at and at

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Kraig Grady said...

Good to hear some of your music again. I have always enjoyed it!

ericnp said...

There it is. Take it... I can't seem to do that. The MP3 appears to be embeded in the protection of MOG SWF. Or do I merely take it for what it is, while I'm here... or there... but not elsewhere? I'm very confused, how do I shuffle?

MOG, to move along, depart. In HS we used to say... this is a mogation situation.

This is a mogation situation.

David Ocker said...

Dear Mr. Zebra (may I call you Red?) - there are now Three ways to hear Poof, You're A Pimp:

the embedded player on this post (currently playing in the background for me as I type).

By going to the MOG page where (for some reason) you click the red circle with the white arrow in it to make it play

or by going to my new little waste of time on the Internet where there's another different embedded player in the left column.

All of them require that you permit flash and javascript. Macs do that stuff, right? These all work for me on my lowly, old, Dell. Please let me know if you can't get any of these to play. (I don't think any of the players allow you to download the mp3.)

Uh, the quote "There it is. Take it" is WIlliam Mulholland's laconic comment to the citizens of the San Fernando Valley when he arranged the rape of Owens Valley for their benefit. I didn't think that link had any relevance to Poof, You're A Pimp - but I guess Mulholland was a pimp too - on a grand scale and in his own way.

ericnp said...

No, I didn't want to hear it, not yet but I did, sort of, as it was sucked into Core Audio. Until the iChat phone rang.

I wanted to iPod it. Please forgive me if I broke any laws.

There is a great disturbance here in relation to quietude. There is an incredible abundance of noise which would not do you justice and I am a prisoner of this noise until the installation is complete but even then...

I'll be OK. You may call me Red.

Peter (the other) said...

"YO! Sailor!" wait a second, where's my regular clothes?

Really nice Dave, pitch bend IS your friend (twang guitar and more). I liked that brassish portomento fall off mit vibrato. AND I liked that high "scream". It reminds me of a sample I have somewhere, of a bunch of little girls on a roller coaster, going over the top "WHAeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". You seem to use the taste of bad sample to great effect (that BIG, eighties pop snare, roll). Sampled harpsichord is always a bit toooo strident, too pluckish for me, yet you set it so I didn't have a problem.How about those gamelan smash ups? A traffic jam in Jakarta?4k