Sunday, July 06, 2008

Did you know you can watch video on the Internet?

Chances are you knew that already. Here are some videos I've enjoyed. You might enjoy them too, maybe.

Leslie, a regular Mixed Meters reader, sent in this video from some old movie of film star Ann Miller dancing inthe middle of a very surreal, discorporated orchestra. A good example of how little CGI has really changed the movies.

The fine website Kill Ugly Radio posted a link to a video interview with Frank Zappa in seven parts. Interesting example of Frank's shear genius and mere opinion. In the last section, less than a minute long, Frank sends a message to people in the year 3000. Priceless. Very dark. Not to be missed.

Richard Emmet contributed this link to a Weird Al parody of Frank Zappa's music. Too long. Too many words. Funny if you already like Frank's songs.

WFMU's fine blog Beware the Blog ran this article about the films of Englishman Richard Massingham - short instructional pieces on such important topics as how to cross the street, how to use your hankerchief, and how not to spread germs.

But here at Mixed Meters we're partial to Watch Your Meters - a plea to conserve energy - very topical in 2008.

These remind me of films by Robert Benchley. For example, this one from 1928, in which Benchley lectures to a ladies club on The Sex Life of the Polyp. Many of Mixed Meters' readers are interested in hermaphroditic marine invertebrates. For the rest of you, how could anyone resist a movie with the line:
"You remember in our last lecture we took up the subject of emotional crises in fungi."

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