Monday, June 09, 2008

Second Second Story Series - Portraits By Robert Jacobs

A few of Robert Jacobs' polaroids from the Second Second Story Series remain to be posted. These are all head shots of a few Independent Composers Association members. Later you'll see how Robert transformed a couple of them into actual portraits.

These were all taken in 1978. In order of appearance are:
  • Robert Jacobs
  • Lois Vierk
  • Scott Fraser
  • Susan D. Palmer
  • Richard Amromin
  • David Ocker

Robert Jacobs 1978Lois Vierk 1978Scott Fraser 1978Susan D. Palmer 1978Richard Amromin 1978David Ocker 1978The last two Polaroids, of Richard Amromin and myself, are the basis for the next two portraits as recently transformed by Robert.

Richard Amromin portrait (c) by Robert JacobsDavid Ocker portrait (c) by Robert Jacobs
Rob entitled my portrait "Blood, Sweat and Tones". Behind my hair-covered face there is musical notation while blood and sweat stream down from above over the picture and the frame itself. (The sweat is clear and hard to see; click it for a slightly better view.)

This picture hangs in our home. A young son of a friend saw it and asked "Why do you have a picture of a terrorist?" Why, indeed.

Here are more recent pictures of Richard, myself and Robert.

Richard Amromin 2008Find out what Richard Amromin is up to these days at New Town Arts.

David Ocker 2008Robert Jacobs 2008
Back in the days of ICA we called Robert Jacobs "Bob". Now, for some reason, he's known as "Rob". I still think of him as "Bob".

Back in those days he made his living as a photo retoucher. This was before Photoshop of course. His work was done with razor blades, sheets of plastic, paint and an airbrush which I thought was very cool.

Here is an advertising poster for his business. It's entitled "Unwanted Hair Removed". Like the Second Second Story Series poster at the beginning of this series, this was designed by Rob's brother, Ray. I've saved it all these years because I thought it was hysterical.

Unwanted Hair Removed - Robert Jacobs photo retoucher
Click on it for an enlargement. At the bottom of the picture it says:
Robert Jacobs retouches dye transfers and Type "C" prints. Also, black and white. His new studio is located at 7000 Beverly Boulevard. Telephone (213) 931-3751.
The credits are: Photography: Steve Berman, Model: Candy Brown, Design: Jacobs & Gerber, Partners, Lithography: Porter & Griffin.

These days Robert Jacobs no longer does photo retouching. But he uses those talents as a fine artist. His recent work can be found at Rob Jacobs Art and Angels of Protection.

These days anyone with Photoshop can do photo retouching. Here's my original, un-retouched, photo of Rob in 2008. I was the person who retouched the picture above - but Rob gave me some good pointers. I'd really like to thank him profusely for providing all the pictures of those concerts so long ago.

Robert Jacobs 2008
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ericnp said...

"These days anyone with Photoshop can do photo retouching"

Allow me to paraphrase that...

These days anyone with Photoshop thinks they can do photo retouching.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Anyone with Photoshop has to learn Photoshop. An endless pit of possibilities. I know Richard from Trail Markers One in the Arroyo.