Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In which David votes for Richard Nixon

Tuesday, June 3 was California's second primary election this year. The Presdiential primary was moved way early so California could have an effect on the election. Of course with the Democratic contest being SO close, if California had waited until now for the primary we could have had even more affect on the Presidential campaign. For once my vote might actually have mattered. It would have been exciting.

This election was one hanging chad short of a waste of time. Turnout was abysmal. There weren't many contested elections and only two state ballot measures both dealing with the same fascinating subject: eminent domain.

Most of my ballot was filled with Judicial Elections, many uncontested. It's hard to vote for a judgeship because there is so little information available on which to make a decision. Without doing independent research all you get is a name and a super-short description of their profession.

Qualified people with weird or foreign names can easily lose just because of their name. Mostly the candidates are listed as judges or lawyers and so I try to avoid voting for them on that basis alone. I remember voting for Judge Ronald Schoenberg a couple of times because he was the son of a famous composer.

This time one judicial election caught my eye. Here's a scan of my sample ballot. See if you can tell why I was interested.

California primary sample ballot June 3, 2008 - Richard A. Nixon candidateI made it easy for you with the yellow mark. Click the picture for an enlargement.

Yes, Richard Nixon was on the ballot in California again and I voted for him. I knew only as much as you do from reading the ballot information. He's an "Attorney at Law".

I never voted for the real Richard Nixon nor would I have ever considered it, unless maybe he had been running against George W. Bush. My first ever Presidential vote was in 1972 for George McGovern, poor fellow.

Later I searched the Internet. This Richard Nixon is not related to That Richard Nixon and was rated Unqualified for a judgeship. My vote didn't cause too much harm to our society. Richard A. Nixon lost.

Addendum: Here's an article in Pasadena Weekly by Kevin Ulrich about several judicial races.

And here's a previous Mixed Meters post, Artistic Politicians,involving THAT Richard Nixon (the Milhouse one).

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