Friday, March 14, 2008

Dorothy Stone, 1958-2008

Today it was a positive shock to read the Los Angeles Times obituary of flutist Dorothy Stone, one of the pillars of the California EAR Unit and priestess of new music in Southern California (and most everywhere else as well).

I had opportunities to work with Dorothy when I was a clarinetist and composer. She was an exceptionally talented and fearless performer. The paper says she was 49 years old - that's way too young.

Here's her bio at the EAR Unit website. At this moment I can't find any other online references to her unexpected passing.

Several years ago Dorothy's husband, composer Lucky Mosko, passed away suddenly as well, compounding the sadness of this news.

My condolences go out to her family and especially to her colleagues in the EAR Unit.

UPDATE: Saturday, March 15, 2008

After the memorial service for Dorothy at a place called Eternal Valley, I walked out of the chapel to see this brilliant blue, white and green panorama. As clear as a perfect flute note. You could see forever.

View from Eternal Valley Santa Clarita CA
You can see this picture full size here. (Then click on "Original")

Read Rand Steiger's remembrance of Dorothy at New Music Bachs.

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Anonymous said...

I was devastated to hear of Dorothy's passing. She was an amazing musician, brilliant flutist and was always as honest and ethical as the day was long. Her bio in Flute Talk didn't mention that she also studied with Harold Bennett, who was extremely fond of her playing. When I'd only come into my lessons with two Anderson etudes, he'd say, "Well Dorothy Stone brings in four each lesson!" Yeah, thanks a lot Dorothy! She was an amazing woman and I'm so sad she split.