Saturday, February 23, 2008

30 Second Spots - Laugh Track

Here's Laugh Track featuring vocalist Peter Sellars. This has been up at my MOG blog for over a month which means I'm a month behind in my blogging.

75 seconds - copyright (c) 2008 David Ocker

Somewhere in the left column of Mixed Meters are links to mp3s of my own music. Yes, I'm a failed composer but I continue to write music.

Some of those left-column links have not worked recently because Earthlink, provider of slow intermittent overpriced DSL service, saw fit to discontinue the storage service I was using to provide them to you.

This has now been fixed - no thanks to Earthlink. All links to my music should be functioning. (If you find one that doesn't please let me know.)

I doubt anyone missed access to this music. Here's a list of the reappeared tracks. Remember, there are no excerpts at Mixed Meters: all mp3s are complete, unedited, unexpurgated and incomprehensible. I've provided a tag line for each piece to accentuate your listening incomprehension.

All Music (c) (p) David Ocker
Click titles to listen:

Electronic Pieces

(Remember, I write this stuff on a laptop at Starbucks so it can't be any good.)

  • The Real Jejune Vasectomy (2'41")
    Here is actual Mixed Meters' reader fan art for The Real Jejune Vasectomy provided by Mixed Meters' reader and artist Eric N. Peterson.

    actual Mixed Meters' reader fan art for The Real Jejune Vasectomy provided by Mixed Meters' reader Eric N. Peterson.

  • 20 Balls in My Fingers and I'm Not Done Yet (0'34")
    Melody and title both came to me in a dream.

  • Bill Kraft's San Francisco Waltz Toon (1'20")
    AFAIK, Bill has never listened or danced to this music.

  • The Boy Scout Copyright Police (2'53")
    Three 30 Second Spots in one. Inspired by the musical excerpt on the Boy Scout Respect Copyright badge

  • In A Pissy Mood (4'42")
    Pissy music inspired either by pissy cats or pissy people. You pick.

  • The On and Off Topic Blues for Alex (2'48")
    Two related pieces ("On Topic" and "Off Topic") inspired by the desire to avoid a boring composers salon.

  • Thinking With Other People's Words (8'29")
    A meditation on being manipulated by politicians. Vocals by Dub-yah.

  • The Best Thing About Led Zeppelin (4'03")
    Play it loud to understand why Leslie calls this "the scary piece". The title is a trick question - there is NO best thing about Led Zeppelin.

  • Not So Cuckoo Cuckoo (3'31")
    The familiar samba, Tico Tico, Ockerized. I'd like to see someone dance to this music. Ha ha.

  • Jingle Bulls (3'51")
    The familiar Christmas tune, Ockerized.

  • Jungle Bells (3'29")
    The same familiar Christmas tune, Ockerized differently.

  • That's It, No More (0'33")
    Your Host Rex is the vocalist.

  • The Manuscript Ends Abruptly (0'52")
    Based on unfinished Schubert, this piece is dedicated to the memory of the late LA Times music critic Daniel Cariaga.

  • Ancient Clarinet Performances

    David Ocker (age 17) with his father - both clarinetist in the Sioux City Municipal Band

    The first three are live recordings from my New Music America '85 recital.

  • The Allegro Fourth Movement from the Symphony Number 3 in F Opus 90 by Johannes Brahms by David Ocker (8'51")
    Bass Clarinet Solo - yes, I put my own name in the title.

  • At Sixes and Sevens (4'22")
    Bass Clarinet improvisation

  • Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies (2'26")
    by P.I. Tchaikovsky, arranged and performed by David Ocker on bass clarinet. This was the encore.

  • Voluntary Solitude (13'04")
    A failure at the one attempted live performance, this is a piece from my graduate music studies in 1976 - for clarinet and live electronics. Studio recording.

  • Over 68 minutes of music!! If that's not enough, go to my MOG blog

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