Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bunches of Bunnies - Bunches of Balloons - 2

Don't worry. Just more Blog Filler that won't trouble your busy schedule. Or mine.

Balloons at night attached to a locked cage around an attractive nuisance (water pipes) at a local high school
A Choir of Chocolate Bunnies on sale at Vons
Want music? Here's an excellent free album by the Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra, a group from back in the day when I was part of a different Los Angeles new music scene. Here's a Because They Are Dead post on the history of and sequels to the CRMO. (I'm amazed that I don't recognize a single name. It really was a different L.A. Or maybe my memory is worse than I thought. Yes, that must be it.)

Here's a photo of two more chocolate bunnies, sent to me by Deanna Hull, the pleasant and efficient factotum to a man whose publishing company name means "Empty Tea" in Chinese.

Two Chocolate Bunnies walk into a bar and one gets a lobotomy
Can't live without my deathless prose? Here's a Renewable Music post to which I added a comment that wouldn't die about why it's completely natural for Classical music to be dead

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