Monday, April 16, 2007

3 Minute Climax - In A Pissy Mood

One of Mixed Meters two readers pointed out recently that we're close to defaulting on our contractual obligation to post cat pictures. So we interrupt the Balloons & Bunnies series for this: a sculpture of Garfield the cartoon cat which I found abandoned on a Pasadena street recently. Can you tell what it really is? (Answer below).
Garfield, the headshot

Garfield, the headboard - found on Allen Avenue in Pasadena CAWe've still got only 4 indoor cats. Here they are in order of seniority. OJ, the old man of the group, contemplates taking a nap.

OJ - Orange Jack - our cat in the kitchen window
Ivy contemplates what a nice set of whiskers she has.

Miss Ivy Turnstiles, the six-toed cat
This is Crackle, contemplating whether my camera is good to eat.

Crackle, now 10 months old, brother of Spackle
This is Spackle, contemplating whether she might be able to catch the birds outside.

Spackle, twin sister of Crackle - a lady never tells her age
This is McTee - the scrawny outdoor cat - contemplating being fed. Our backyard has become a very popular place for many neighborhood cats, all contemplating being feed. Also possums and skunks.

McTee - the Mackerel Tabby - our outside cat who likes to eat but isn't friendly

Now for a piece of music I wrote last month. The title was inspired by human emotions. Just try to tell me you've never had a pissy mood. But since this post is about cats, In a Pissy Mood is dedicated to our long-suffering upholstered furniture which lives underneath large sheets of plastic. We suspect Ivy of being responsible.

click here to hear In A Pissy Mood

Copyright (c) 2007 by David Ocker - 282 seconds

Listening tip: try to identify the Theme of Repeated Minor Annoyance.

Explanation of 30 second spots (check for an update to this in the comments)

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The Garfield sculpture is a headboard for a bed. Here's part of a bed spring that appeared at the same spot a few days earlier.

bedspring - presumably for the Garfield headboard

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