Friday, April 28, 2006

What's Animated Opera, Doc?

This video of Wagner opera scenes, starring Bugs and Elmer, should probably not be available on Google Video. But it is - and if you've never seen it, click here. It has the one essential quality I demand of all my exposure to Wagner - it's less than 7 minutes.

Here's a video of Fanny Bryce pretending to be an opera diva. (the REAL Fanny Brice - not Barbra Streisand pretending to be Fanny Bryce.)

Here's another opera video previously on Mixed Meters.

If you're not into opera, maybe you'd prefer some animated Japanese soft drink commercials, each one based on a different style of dance & music. Then click here to watch Let's Qoo Dance. I wonder if this is better if you understand Japanese.

Finally, if you're more low brow there's this animated video of a farting pig from a children's show in Belgium It features a tune, sung by a chorus of chickens, which easily qualifies for the "It's A Small World After All Files" (Thanks to Kill Ugly Radio.)

Here's a good explanation of the "real" meaning of the word Belgium.

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