Sunday, April 16, 2006

Paying More Taxes

Click here to watch "The Spirit of 1943" starring Donald Duck.

It's wartime propaganda, but it's "good" propaganda 'cause it was for our side.

Google Video calls it a "Banned Cartoon".

Maybe it's banned because it advocates PAYING MORE TAXES.

Let me say that again. This cartoon suggests that it's every American's patriotic duty to pay MORE taxes. Failure to do so helps the enemy.

What a difference 63 years makes.

Today we're "at war" too. But now politicians consistently pander for our votes by promising lower taxes. No one has the courage to suggest that if we want decent government services (fighting a war is a "service", right?) - that we all must pay a little more for it.

One Democratic candidate for California governor is suggesting that we raise taxes on rich people and corporations.
While I'm all for a more progressive tax structure, when a politician mentions higher taxes today it's the same as giving a concession speech.

Of course it doesn't matter who the Dems nominate because Governor Schwarzenegger is going to get re-elected. He'll just lie through his teeth about everything he stands for between now and November. Remember, you heard it here first.

Haven't had enough of the governor?
Here's a Governator Rap video.
Here's a short video of young Arnold toking up.
And this is Arnold's Japanese TV commercial

We're filing an extension.

Update: the L.A. Times ran this article about the effects of our current nearly flat income tax rates. Steve Forbes must be even richer because of it. Plus some interesting history: for example the top rates in 1943 were more than double what they are today.

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