Friday, December 30, 2005

In which the Irate Crime TV Show Host Gets a Face and a Name

Have you seen this woman? Her name is Nancy Grace. Please keep her off the television.

This story begins with my 30 Second Spot: Outlawing Irate Crime TV Show Hosts

I had to wait in my local bank yesterday afternoon. They have a large television tuned to CNN. Just my luck it was showing the same program that inspired the title of that Spot.

Her show is SO awful.: a combination of all the worst elements of network news, food-fight talk shows, tabloids and America's Most Wanted. Trial-by-media, assumed guilt, floods of innuendo and hurricanes of heart-rending human hopelessness. And this Nancy Grace is the ringleader.

Our legal system has enough trouble as it is without this sort of sensationalist interfering crap. Makes me wish we subscribed to cable television so I could not watch this all the time.


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