Sunday, October 23, 2005

In which Doctor Phil has a big head

This is Leslie with Doctor Phil's head. She thinks it's a silly picture. (She's correct.)

Years ago I heard a lecture by Ram Dass who asked the question "How many personalities in popular culture, as revealed by People Magazine, do you experience as being fulfilled individuals?"

My immediate answer was none of them. Every pop idol, movie star, news anchor seems hung up somehow.

"Is Dr. Phil an exception?" He gives out serious personal advice all the time so his personal act must be together, right? But he must have issues about something. Can a person give out heavy advice to others day after day without developing some insecurities of his own?

National publicity has to make it worse. Imagine going to a movie and seeing your own head, twice life size & back lit, on the way to the parking garage. Imagine a picture of Dr. Phil himself standing next to Dr. Phil's head.

Maybe I just project my own insecurities on the blank canvass of famous people? No. That can't possibly explain Tom Cruise.


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