Saturday, September 17, 2005

In which David plugs Ham Hocks and Cornbread

No, not food. Hamhocks and Cornbread is a set of 4 compact discs published by JSP Records with 118 R&B tracks from the late forties through the early fifties, about the time I was busy being born.

Think Honkers and Shouters. Saxophones and Boogie Beats. Up Tempo and High Energy. Seems to be one track per artist. Not many household names. Great Stuff. I'm hooked.

I bought mine at for about $20. My second 4-disc set from the period - I recommend the other one too - The Big Horn (The History of Honkin' & Screamin' Saxophone) on Proper Records. There are lots more sets like these that I have my eye on.

And if you need an intro to this style I suggest Fools Paradise on WFMU. (It's a radio show on Saturday afternoons, easy to hear on the net & it's archived - listen anytime.)

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