Monday, September 19, 2005

In which David eats cheese before bed

An NPR article caught my ear: Study: Eating Cheese Can Alter Your Dreams.

It said eating different sorts of cheese can affect the content of your dreams. For example - Blue Stilton caused wacky dreams while Cheddar caused dreams of celebrities. This science was sponsored by the English Cheese Board - only English cheeses were studied. I'm completely skeptical - I'm sure they had way too few subjects in the study.

But just imagine - further research could help a person control their dreams by the type of cheese they eat before bed. A cocktail of Monchego, Brie and Limberger might make you dream, say, of sex with a supermodel. There's a science fiction novel lurking here. Terrence McKenna would have said it's not fiction.

I'd like to add to the research. That night I had a little bit of Port Salud cheese before bed - and I had a long vivid road trip dream with an episode in a gas station near a mountain. That's all I can remember now.


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