Recordings from David's past

Historical Performances

(Recordings from the distant past of David Ocker as either performer or composer.)

Carbon by Arthur Jarvinen (for solo bass clarinet)

Voluntary Solitude by David Ocker (for clarinet and electronics)

Allegro Fourth Movement from Symphony No. 3 in F Opus 93 by Johannes Brahms by David Ocker by David Ocker (for solo bass clarinet)

God Bless the Child by Eric Dolphy (for solo bass clarinet) transcribed and performed by David Ocker

At Sixes and Sevens by David Ocker (for solo bass clarinet)

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by Peter Tchaikovsky (arr. Ocker) (for solo bass clarinet)

Unity and Variety by David Ocker (for clarinet and piano)

Goldbeaters Skin by Arthur Jarvinen (for solo clarinet)

Bombed by David Ocker (performed by The Antenna Repairmen)

Three Improvisations by the Golia-LaBerge-Ocker trio

Atlas Eclipticalis with Winter Music by John Cage (performed by the ICA Ensemble)

Imaginary Landscape #4 with Radio Music by John Cage (performed by the ICA Radio Ensemble)

Vexations by Erik Satie (6.5 hours from the complete KPFK broadcast)

Song and Dance by Frederick Rzewski (for flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone, bass)


Unknown said...

Hi David,

I read your blog on the "The Worst Clarinet Player....." just now. I first heard your recording of Mo and Herb's Vacation in 1984. I still have the LP (and later bought the 2 CD set). I gotta say your playing rocks! To hell with What's His Name who vented about your alleged "worst clarinet playing I ever witnessed...." diatribe.

I am also impressed with the fact that you are listed elsewhere as a past synclavier programmer arranger, and music copyist!! Damn, I'm impressed! I can't help but wonder what you've been doing since giving up the clarinet and synclavier (since NED went bankrupt over 20 years ago). You obviously have a lot of abilities - and I am glad that you wrote the you have never regretted leaving the keyed beast behind. My name is Paul Plimley, a pianist, guitarist, vibes and marimbas, composer living in Vancouver Canada. If you have a moment, you could write me at the email address listed in the checked email follow up. Thanks for your music!

David Ocker said...

Hi Paul - thanks for the wonderful comment. Google doesn't give me access to the email you provide them for follow-up. All I get is your Blogger profile. If you write another comment with your email included I promise not to publish it. I'll also look for you on Facebook.