Friday, May 15, 2020

Arboretum With Peacocks

This post is about a short walk in a park.

Peacock feathers at the LA Arboretum

In this case the park is the Los Angeles County Arboretum in Arcadia California - Arcadia is one city east of Pasadena - a place where many pea fowl live and squawk.

Eucalyptus bark at the LA Arboretum

Remarkably the Arboretum has been open to visitors in this time of the Coronavirus.  Leslie and I took an hour-long stroll there several days ago.  In this time of shelter in place we were happy to get out to somewhere beautiful.

Matilija Poppy bloom at the LA Arboretum

On the same day we visited, the L.A.Times ran this article about how and why the Arboretum has stayed open during the pandemic.  (Quick answer: wide roads.) 

Dusty Miller bloom at the LA Arboretum

While we were there I took a few pictures.  Landscapes aren't really my thing.  (Click on these shots and somehow they get bigger.)

Spotted Gum Tree at the LA Arboretum

This tree-trunk face looks to have a third eye.  Or maybe it's a doctor wearing a head mirror.

Queensland Bottletree at the LA Arboretum - looks like a face to me

I also shot some video.  Later I added music.  The music is adapted from two old 30-Second Spots: Druella's Four-part Gossip Reel (which I composed Oct. 4, 2004) and Nothing to Wear (composed Oct. 5, 2004).   I'll let you guess which is which:

Arboretum with Peacocks by David Ocker © 2020 - 96 seconds

Leslie called it March of the Peacocks

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Stay off the narrow pathways at the LA Arboretum

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John Steinmetz said...

Wonderful to know that the Arboretum is open! I had no idea.