Wednesday, April 24, 2019


This post is to celebrate our excellent kumquat harvest.

An uncertain number of years ago, maybe 25 or so, Leslie bought me a kumquat tree because she had discovered that I liked them.  For roughly half those years Kumquat Tree lived in a big pot.   Then we replanted it in the ground next to our driveway.

The tree went through some difficult years until we discovered that it needs lots of water.  More water did the trick and we started getting a lot more fruit.  This last winter was very wet rain-wise in Pasadena.  Our kumquat harvest was exemplary.  This picture shows about 40 pounds worth, about 75% of the total haul.

The English name "kumquat" derives from the Cantonese gām-gwāt 金橘, literally meaning "golden orange" or "golden tangerine".  Kumquats are apparently symbols of good luck in China.  I was told by our friend Richard that the name can be translated as "orange fortune".  Or something.

Are you wondering what we did with all those little kumquats?  Leslie took them to her friend and colleague Regina who supervised the production of kumquat/orange marmalade.  Here's the after picture.

Good stuff.  Thanks Regina.

I created a video showing the piles of these little bursts of citrus, often in extreme closeup, before they met their jellied fate.  You'll see Leslie's hands doing the washing.

TRIGGER WARNING: if you find that exposure to bright orange color disturbs you, please use caution.

Kumquats © 2019 David Ocker - 176 seconds.  (I suggest that you use hi-definition mode if you can.)

Here's a link to my previous MM post concerning Kumquat Martinis.  (I drink my martinis considerably less dry these days.)

Here's a link to a post at the blog The Indigenous Bartender with a recipe for Kumquat Marmalade Martinis.  Gonna try it once I get some Triple Sec.

And here's an LA Times article about making candied kumquats for cocktails.  (I couldn't try this because we used up all our kumquats, so I'm posting the link as a reminder during our next kumquat harvest.)


Leslie said...

REally nice! Although the thought of a marmelade martini leaves me cold.....

ericnp said...

"Marmalade, I like marmalade.…"
~Obscure (?) Pink Floyd reference~