Monday, September 07, 2015

Garbage Days of Summer 2014

Summer 2014, the heretofore long-lost season in my series The Seasons, is slowly clawing its way into the light of day.

Each Season now has three versions:
  • the Long Version - mostly silence interrupted by short bits of music.  I posted Summer 2014 last month.  Read about it here.
  • the Short Version - same as the long version but without all the silence.  The short version of Summer 2014 is still to come.  It will be entitled Finale.
  • the Garbage Day version - just the music composed on Mondays.  Monday is the day I take out the trash.  You can listen to Garbage Days of Summer 2014 right now.
I'm safe in saying that most composers would not choose garbage as a metaphor for their music.  I however find it an exceptionally pointed image of passing time.  It's a comfort knowing I'm still able to dispose of stuff each week.  Trouble will ensue when I lose that ability.

And waste can be useful too.  Think about those coprolites that help paleontologists determine what dinosaurs ate.   No one picked up the dinosaur's droppings for them.  Here in Pasadena, however, three huge dino-sized mechanical monsters pick up our trash every Tuesday.  They whisk it away somewhere.  As an article of faith I believe they're using it for good.  Hard to know for sure.

click here to hear Garbage Days of Summer 2014 by David Ocker - © 2015 by David Ocker, 133 seconds.

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