Saturday, August 08, 2015

Pets For Leslie

Leslie spent much of July in Mexico dealing with things wormy. Before she left, she asked me to post one picture of our pets to Facebook every day. When I suggested this might be a form of homesickness she disagreed, suggesting she was merely 'pet-sick'.

After a while, instead of still shots, I created short videos of the pets accompanied by bits of music from my pieces.  There were 18 posts in all.  I called the entire series "Pets For Leslie".

Since most Facebook postings disappear without a trace after about 8 hours I've decided to post everything here.  It's a kind of Pets For Leslie Archive.   After all, Mixed Meters is for ever, sort of.

Dramatis Personae:
Chowderhead as the Big Red Dog
Doctor Pyewacket as the Little Black Kitty
Spackle Puss as The Big Gray and White Cat
Crackle Pop (seen only in video) as her brother The Even Bigger Gray and White Cat

Click any of the stills for enlargements.

I've combined nine of the short videos into this one YouTube post.  I called it Pets For Leslie.  I think the random bits of my music form an interesting pastiche.

This music of Dr. Pyewacket in a Pot is Garbage Days of Winter 2014

Leslie found Doctor Pyewacket in the bushes near our home back in May.  You can see pictures and video of him when he was just a few weeks old in the eponymous post Doctor Pyewacket.

Not enough pet pictures for you yet?  You can still see the many previous Mixed Meters posts about cats and dogs and other animals.   Remember Mixed Meters is (seemingly) for ever.

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