Saturday, July 25, 2015

Garbage Days of Spring 2015

In my previous post Garbage Days of Winter 2014 I unveiled a new way I figured out for recombining the daily fragments of music I write for my ongoing project The Seasons.  This is the fourth year now and I'm producing music that I find surprisingly enjoyable.  Or maybe it's enjoyably surprising.

The most recently completed season was Spring 2015, written between March 20 and June 20, 2015.  I've already posted the long version.  The short version, entitled Space Time, is nearly ready.  I've been trying to mix the sound so it isn't too embarrassing.  I'm nearly finished with that task.  Space Time should be the next post here on Mixed Meters.  Real soon now.

Do you want an idea of what Space Time will be like?  I've created a sampler.  Or a trailer.  That's 'trailer' like a movie trailer.  It's a two and a half minute piece which might entice you into investing 19 minutes in the full version.   What I did was excerpt one segment from each week.   I used every seventh segment, every Monday, into a shorter piece.  It works as well as any of my music works.  Why?  I haven't a clue.

I called this short teaser Garbage Days of Spring 2015 because around here, Monday is garbage day.  That's the day people in my part of Pasadena take their dumpsters out to the curb for pickup on Tuesday.  On Monday I must remember to clean the cat boxes, take out the recycling, empty the garbage cans: send a week's worth of our suburban waste off to whatever magical land the municipality of Pasadena has decided can make the most productive use of it.

What a privilege it is to live in an era when the disposing our old newspapers, yard waste and pet feces becomes a religious ritual - a weekly veneration honoring the cycle of life.  No, the recycle of life.  No, not life: the recycle of stuff.   If you think about it for a while, you'll realize that taking out the trash is cosmic. 

So either this music is cosmic or it's a shameless exploitation trick to entice you into listening to the full 19-minute Space Time which is coming soon.  Real soon now.

Click here to hear Garbage Days of Spring 2015 by David Ocker - © 2015 David Ocker - 155 seconds

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