Sunday, January 18, 2015

Autumn 2014 from The Seasons

Even if I haven't been blogging much lately or composing much or doing much of anything much because I recently was afflicted by some sort of virus, I have been managed to stay current with my daily composition project, The Seasons.

Much is a funny word.  Say it out loud 10 times before you read on.  Much. Much. Much. Much. Much. Much. Much. Much. Much. Much. Good times.

Listen to the latest installment of The Seasons entitled Autumn 2014 here.

Alert Mixed Meters readers (if any actually exist) will protest that I couldn't be _that_ current with The Seasons since I seem to have skipped a season.  For you non-alert readers, they're referring to Summer 2014 which has yet to appear online.  The story is: I actually finished it right on time on the Equinox back in September but that I wasn't completely happy with it - and haven't found the time or energy to go back and fix it to my satisfaction.

My satisfaction is the ultimate arbiter of taste at Mixed Meters.

New Mixed Meters readers (if any have read this far) are probably wondering what this thing called The Seasons is.  You might pick up some clues by checking out this post about Autumn 2013.  Right now I haven't got the energy to explain why I'm posting a nearly 75-minute long piece of music 78% of which is complete silence.

Click here to hear Autumn 2014 by David Ocker - © 2014 David Ocker, 4402 seconds

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