Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rose Room

The title does not refer to your grandfather's Rose Room.  This post is about my own piece entitled Rose Room.

In this case "Rose" refers to Leslie's Aunt Rose Harris, who, after one of her gravitational accidents, very briefly stayed in our guest room.  That would have become the Rose Room.

This happened in September of 2009.  That's also when I wrote the music.  I've never posted Rose Room because I wanted to change it very slightly.  Now I can't remember what changes I wanted to make.  Something about the final chord.

Musically, Rose Room is about the conflict of accelerando and non-accelerando.  The drum sounds stay at a constant tempo while, simultaneously, the other music gradually gets faster.

Also there are ducks.

Click here to hear Rose Room by David Ocker Copyright © 2009, 2014
83 seconds

And now, variations on a theme:

Here's another piece of mine with duck references:

The blog post Water With Ducks has links to my other bird related music.

A book review:  Moby-Duck

The Ocker Scale is another piece I posted after forgetting what changes I wanted to make.

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