Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rudy Schwartz Project: Winter Dance of the Koala Sperm Harvest

In my previous post I mentioned Joe Newman of the Rudy Schwartz Project.  Then, a couple days ago I discovered a copy of the new RSP album Winter Dance of the Koala Sperm Harvest in my mailbox.  Apparently the album has not been formally released yet.  So let this be a lesson to you: if you want to be the first on your block to hear his music mention Joe on your own blog.

You will be able to download the new album from this large corporation or from this other large corporation.  Older RSP CDs are still available from this small company.

This album has all the hallmarks of any good RSP release:
  • clever and amusing musical parody
  • up to the minute political outrage
  • encomia to or mockery of actors with familiar faces 
  • references to sticking things into people's butts
  • bits of fun ugly new music or avant-garde jazz
  • cultural references you can't quite identify
  • little bits of old movies or commercials
  • clever lyrics you can't believe anyone has balls enough to actually sing
And what other album dares to ask, in its opening track, whether you'd prefer to hear Schoenberg or Neil Diamond?

Clearly, when it comes to having an ear for imitating musical styles and using them to lampoon the buffoons who run the world in order to screw little guys, Joe Newman is a worthy successor to none other than Frank Zappa.  I bet he wishes more people agreed with me.

Other cuts on this album which deserve mention (in my opinion):

  • The Guy From the N.S.A. (a calypso tune; the chorus goes "Fuck the guy from the NSA")
  • Le twist gnossienne (Erik Satie as dreamt by Dick Dale)
  • Winter Dance of the Koala Sperm Harvest (a new genre: Tchaikovsky ballet parody)
  • A Better Tomorrow (clearly the best use of the word 'not' in any song ever)

Here's a sample track from WDotKSH. It's called In Cucamonga - video imagery by Zontar.  Yes, that's Jesus himself on vocals.

Here's a picture of Mount Rudymore showing the Rudy Schwartz Project pantheon - Don Knotts, Olan Soulé, Abe Vigoda, Bob Eubanks and Ernest Borgnine.  (click to enlarge)

You can like The Rudy Schwartz Project on Facebook.  You can listen to some of their albums on Spotify.

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