Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nocturne - Autumn 2013 short version

Autumn 2013 is the most recent season from my incomprehensible series of long, mostly silent pieces. There is an intro to the series plus details about Autumn 2013 here.  You can listen here.

The entire series is entitled The Seasons.  [Read] and [Listen] links to all the sections are here.

When a piece is 75% (or more) silence, the notion of removing the silences is not a big stretch.  Starting a couple seasons back I began posting the "silence removed" versions of  The Seasons.  I label them with the words "short version".

For these short versions I attempt to compose the music so it works both with and without the silences. I do enjoy this process.

I've chosen simple names for these silence-free pieces.  I called this one Nocturne for no specific reason.  I guess that it evokes that sort of nebulous nocturnal musical flavor especially toward the end.  The two previous names were Mantra and Caprice, chosen for much better reasons.

Click here to hear Nocturne (Autumn 2013 short version) by David Ocker - © 2014 David Ocker - 846 seconds

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