Friday, June 21, 2013

Spring 2013 from The Seasons

Today is the solstice, the longest day of the year in my half of the world.

Recently Mixed Meters has been celebrating solstices and equinoxes alike by posting sections of my piece entitled The Seasons in which I write one small bit of music every day and separate them all with long silences and then expect people to listen to these sections simultaneously with one another (or even with other people's music) so that these bits of music combine in unexpected and presumably more interesting ways, just as the segments of this long run-on sentence are probably doing in your brain at this very moment, and to that end, today I am posting the sixth segment of The Seasons, not unexpectedly entitled Spring 2013. which consists of about 90 segments each one of which corresponds to a particular day and most of which were composed on that very day.

Many of the seasons have some sort of musical idea which unifies all the segments.  Spring 2013 has raised the unification standard considerably since each musical bit has exactly the same rhythm - a simple 17 beat pattern that is quite meaningful to me and which I'm not going to explain.  Spring 2013 also has Garbage Day Periodicity - on Mondays only the rhythm is heard twice at double tempo.

Click here to hear Spring 2013 by David Ocker, © David Ocker 

4316 seconds

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Here's a picture of a long period of time.

This is a solargraph - a picture which I found on Wikipedia.  It is a kind of time lapse photograph which shows the movement of the sun in the sky over half a year.  The sun moves from right to left and the earliest days are at the top.  Read all about this picture here.

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