Friday, May 31, 2013

Inspiration and Punishment

No one ever asks me where I get my ideas.  Sometimes I have ideas I would be better off ignoring.

For example, listen to this little bit of piano music.  Eleven seconds!

It's the end of a cadenza played by someone famous as part of a concerto written by someone even more famous.  I happened to be listening to this on my iPod last week.  When I heard the scale passage (the first half of this clip) I thought to myself "I could make a piece out of that."

But how would I make such a piece?  Sure I had the initial idea.  That's easy.  Then I had to pay the penalty - I had to do it.  That's what I didn't know how to do.  My inspiration was followed by the punishment of following through.

As it turns out I used not just the scale passage but the trill after it.   Inspiration and Punishment begins with an attempt at recreating the "inspirational" material.   And I added some annoyingly mistuned and unstable bass notes as well.  Throughout the piece there is a feeling of preparation for the big moment of recapitulation which inevitably follows a cadenza.  Remember, that's just a feeling.

Click here to hear Inspiration and Punishment  © 2013 by David Ocker, 113 seconds.

I didn't say it would be a great piece.

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