Monday, October 29, 2012

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blue Glove

When I encounter a lost glove while on my walks I usually stop to photograph it.  Here's a collection of snaps of lonely, abandoned gloves.  Ah, the stories they could tell.

These are 'found objects'.  I am showing them exactly as I encountered them.  I have no idea why there are so many blue ones.

You can click any picture for an enlargement.

Check out a similar Mixed Meters post from over 4 years ago entitled Gloves in the Wild.  In it I mention that gloves are more photogenic than hats.  Socks, which I see periodically, are not very interesting to photograph either.  Someday I would like to start shooting pictures of abandoned shoes, which - unlike gloves - sometimes appear in the wild in pairs.

Here's a bonus shot - but it's the same as one of the gloves shown above.  I have many more glove pictures.  I'll save those for another glove post.  These are all the blue ones I could find.

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