Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Peter Schmid Quartet Plays Waiting For The Trickle Down

Peter, Lori, Cornel and Luis manage to play every crazy thing I throw at them.  I don't know how they do it.

In this track, Waiting for the Trickle Down, the guitar and bass are both electric and the drums are hand drums.  Since, like Godot, the Trickle Down never comes, this is kind of a sad and mournful piece.  Leslie says this is not my best work - and she makes a good point.

Click here to hear Waiting for the Trickle Down - by David Ocker © 2012 - 501 seconds

The quartet is:
Peter Schmid, piano
Lori Terhune, electric guitar
Cornel Reasoner, electric bass
Luis 'Pulpo' Jolla, hand drums

Recorded at Aphrodita Japonica Studios, Pasadena, California.  You can hear all the tracks by the Peter Schmid Trio and Quartet on the Peter Schmid Quartet Page.

"The Trickle Down" of course refers to the widely believed but even more widely discredited economic theory first implemented during the term of "Saint" Ronald Reagan.  It is currently being preached by Willard "Mitt" Rmoney and Paul "Ayn" Ryan.

Their idea was that giving more money to rich people would benefit everyone because the rich would use that money to hire the poor.  Since it was the rich people who created this crazy plan, the only poor people who have been helped are the ones with jobs selling yachts and fancy sports cars.

Here's a chart showing income distribution in the United States since 1947.  The income of the top 1% - indicated by the red triangle - has experienced cancerous growth since the start of the Trickle Down era, indicated by the arrow.

This chart came from the blog

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