Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just Be A Regular Person Like Everyone Else

Just Be A Regular Person Like Everyone Else is another 30 Second Spot. The title was the first phrase I heard after switching on the radio news in search of a file name.

I had the sense that the title expressed a personal wish of the speaker, not a command issued to another person, someone who needed to get their own act together.  By that moment my music was pretty much finished, so you won't get very far trying to figure how the music and title relate to one another.

That's as much as I know.   Except that I had a lot of trouble getting the ratchet sound.

Listen to Just Be A Regular Person Like Everyone Else
Copyright © 2012 by David Ocker - 39 seconds

Here's a picture which I took of an old lady's face on a wall.  Her face appears on a derelict Sunset Boulevard apartment building.  I was just going to let it decorate this post without explanation, but then I researched it a bit.

As context, here's the Google street view of nearly the same spot.  The gas station had disappeared by the time I was there.

Here's another picture on Tumblr.
Here's an LA Weekly article with yet another picture.

The artist is named JR.  He has a whole series of these works, collectively called Wrinkles of the City - LA.  Here's a somewhat more informative LA Weekly article with lots of Wrinkle pictures.

Here's a video by JR with the subjects of the wall pictures as talking heads.  There are little glimpses of the pictures being installed.  If you don't know Los Angeles, the street scenes in this video show our reality much better than anything you will ever see on television.

I don't know what this street art has to do with the phrase "Just be a regular person like everyone else". Probably more than the title has to do with the music itself.

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