Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Facelike - Part 2

The previous post Facelike - Part 1 showed pictures of some faces I've noticed as they keep tabs on me.

Today, more faces.  These pictures show which faces were produced either by non-human behavior or by human-caused random accident.

The tendency to see patterns (not just faces) in random data is discussed in an article Finding Meaningful Patterns in Meaningless Noise by Michael Shermer. It was published in Scientific American so you know it has to be good. Here's a quote:

Such patternicities, then, mean that people believe weird things because of our evolved need to believe nonweird things.
We begin with a kindly tree-bark face, a face-on-Mars face on a sidewalk and an African mask leaf.

Now let's look at a Barney-ish dinosaur-head paint splatter, a conspiracy of sunglasses and a leaf in the grass and a tree trunk wearing lipstick.

Click the pictures.  They get bigger.

Here are a couple more tree-bark faces:  Sunburned Bamboo Face, Profile Tree and Scarface.  A previous Mixed Meters "I see faces in trees" post (from way back in 2006) was Make Like A Tree and...

Here's a post from some other blog showing faces in bread.

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