Saturday, July 16, 2011

Music for a Horned Helmet

Recently I was surprised to hear operatic singing from a television commercial.  There was even a bass voice. You never hear basses sing on television. The ad was for a big financial firm which has figured out how to make money from people who can't wait to be paid. On YouTube I discovered three such opera-mercials - all with the same music but different voices.

The first commercial spoofs an actual opera on stage:

The second focuses on the uses of cash now - like home repair, car repair, newborn quintuplets:

And the third is everyone's favorite setting for opera music - a city bus:

Watching all three of these, I was struck by the recurring use of one particular image: the horned helmet - sometimes called a Viking Helmet. I guess nothing says "Opera" like a metal hat with horns on it.

If you really care whether the Vikings wore Viking helmets and how this particular headgear got to be associated with opera, this Straight Dope article Did Vikings Really Wear Horns On Their Helmets? is for you.

If you think there might be a better music/horned-helmet association, you'd be correct. Here's a picture of Moondog:

The Moondog picture came from here - where you'll find a link to some radio interviews on WBAI.  For a while - a few years ago - certain of Moondog's compositions were being used in automobile advertisements.  (Couldn't find those on YouTube.)

Do yourself a favor. Listen to some Moondog.

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