Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skyping With Tom Brodhead

Here is a short video with my music featuring my friend Tom Brodhead.

© 2011 David Ocker - 141 seconds

Last month Leslie and I had a conversation with Tom via Skype. Tom introduced us to his new cat Charlie. The talk lasted nearly an hour. For 8 minutes or so I used the point'n'shoot in my pocket to take some still pictures of Tom's image on the screen.  Charlie made himself scarce while I was taking the pictures.

People who know Tom will recognize that his personality is a combination of high intelligence and high intensity, sometimes perilously so. He uses his hands when he talks and has an expressive face.  All of this means that he makes a good photo subject. I thought the pictures were pretty interesting - if not always in good focus.

Later, while I was wondering what to do with them, I read a hint which makes it easy to import a group of still shots into my video editing software.

Suddenly, an idea was born: I would create a video. compose music for it and entitle it Skyping with Tom Brodhead because that's what we were doing.  Each still is accompanied by music in a different tempo.  The result is wacky - but not that wacky. It's hard to tap your foot to it.

Tom appeared in a previous Mixed Meters post: The Best Thing About Led Zeppelin. The Best Thing About Led Zeppelin is another piece of mine. Tom suggested the title accidentally.

My desk has appeared in this previous video: Desktop Stilllife

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