Monday, February 28, 2011

More Musical Signs

Mixed Meters has had several on-going photo series. For example, there was Fallen AvocadosBlank Wall and Bunnies and Balloons.  No, these don't make much sense.  Why would you expect this blog to make sense? 

Another series involves pictures of business or product signs which use musical terminology.  Apparently many musical words hold some mysterious fascination for the non-musical.  Maybe musical words increase sales. 

This post is the fourth in a series.  In part one we learned the words trio, forte, cornet, arpeggio, aria and allegro. In part two there was koda, tritono and concertoPart three included melody, allegro, opera, counterpoint, cantata and Amadeus.

Today's word list includes several musical forms: aria, sonata and symphony plus one which contains only an opening movement.  There's a score, one on which it is forbidden to walk, plus parts.  I think these parts are for the sonata in the previous picture.  And finally there's a musical apartment building moving at a speed related to its latitude.

Do you wonder what The 1st Movement or Vizual Symphony do?
Yes, you can click on any picture to embiggen it.
All of the pictures were taken in Pasadena, CA.

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