Sunday, November 14, 2010

Going Coastal by David Ocker

Yesterday (Saturday, Nov. 13) Leslie and I along with our friends Larry, Jan and Vasily did touristy things down near Santa Monica bay. We visited three different locations in three different cities.

I took a lot of pictures and video using the Point'n'Shoot in my pocket.  This in itself is not unusual.  I resolved to make some sort of edited video out of the raw footage.  Such resolutions are not unusual either.  But yesterday I said to myself "David, either you go right home and edit some video tonight or you'll never do it."

Apparently I believed what I told myself because I did go home and I actually made the video.  I rationalized the time as good experience using Final Cut Express - which I'm trying to learn.  At 6 a.m. this morning, after nine hours of increasingly blurry-eyed video editing and musical composition (using old 30 Second Spots that no one but me has ever heard as musical source material), I completed a six-minute video.  It has three sections - one for each of the stops we made during the day.

If you've ever wondered what I did Saturday, this is definitely the video for you.  Enjoy.   If you've never wondered about my doings yesterday, you can still watch. Just don't expect much.

Going Coastal © 2010 by David Ocker - 362 seconds.

Previous pieces of my music with my video which you might not wonder about:
Our friend and houseguest Vasily Rasaschevsky has appeared in a previous MM post about the song Pasadena by the group Maywood.

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Peter (the other) said...

I like... the last piece is really a nice feel.

Captcha=durdi hey! I tooki my shower this month (everybody's a critic).

David Ocker said...

Thanks, P.(t.o.) for your comment(s).

When it comes to syncing video and music I'm a total poseur - especially for someone who's lived in L.A. all my adult life and only started trying to do it when in my late 50s.

If you knew how bleary eyed I was when I worked on the music for the third section you'd be doubly impressed. I was up way WAY past my bedtime. Real film composers do that all the time, huh?

But my wife liked the bit with the heron stepping through the water. Purely accidental I assure you.