Wednesday, March 17, 2010

30 Second Spots - Flashing (for Kraig Grady)

According to my archive this is Mixed Meters' 500th post.  See the previous 500th post here.

The point and shoot in my pocket takes pretty good video except when there isn't enough light. And it accepts no human help when attempting to focus. Sometimes it can't focus at all.  This video uses both of these shortcomings to their best advantage.  Watch in high definition for maximum graininess.

The clip was filmed in the dead of night on a lonely American street corner.  Our heroes are rushing to the aid of someone who is having a very, very bad day.  Or bad night, actually.  We never find out what is causing the problem or if help arrives in time.  Unlike so many awful television dramas there is no neat wrapping up of the plot at the end.  How like life.

The music takes one hard meaningless turn in the middle.  And then it ends abruptly when you least expect it, in a flash.

Flashing (for Kraig Grady) - (c) 2010 David Ocker 95 Seconds

At the end of last year I received an email from my friend Kraig Grady, a composer of mysterious microtonalities who has recently taken up residence in Australia.  Kraig and I both misspent parts of our youth in a group called the Independent Composers Association.

He sent me a one-minute piece which he wrote for some online composer "thing" called 60x60 (sixty composers each write a one minute piece.)

Kraig titled his piece "Ocker" because (he actually said this) it somehow reminded him of me.  I don't see the resemblance - but you, Mixed Meters' Three Readers, can decide for yourselves.  I'm very honored, of course.  Listen to Ocker by Kraig Grady here.

Kraig must know that the word "ocker" has a special meaning in Australian slang.  When I tell my last name to Australians I usually get a wry smile in return.

I must also confess that I never wrote back to Kraig thanking him for the eponymous honor.  Sorry about that, Kraig.  To make up for my lack of social graces I've dedicated this piece to you.  I hope you can forgive my impolite behavior.

Just to be clear, neither the video or the music of Flashing (for Kraig Grady) remind me of Kraig at all. 

(Read about my series of pieces called 30 Second Spots, now improved with video.)

ADDENDUM: Although Kraig may live in Australia physically, online he lives in a place called Anaphoria. You can visit Anaphoria here or here.

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annelaberge said...

Kraig Grady's piece does not remind me of you David. Not at all. Maybe he was just thinking about you when we was composing it.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Ocker, an Australian red neck.

Robert Jacobs looks familiar to me.

I'm still one of your three faithfuls

I have your music on my I pod. You must have posted your work in a format that allowed me to.

I recently listened to your work while I was climbing a trail off of Modjeska Canyon. It was the turn around point where I stopped and took a rest. All kidding aside, the music, scenery and the moment were a meaningful combination.