Sunday, January 24, 2010

F-holes and the Women Who Love Them

I clicked on a photo feature in the Telegraph about high fashion clothing made from chocolate.  One picture attracted my attention because the model is wearing a the dark chocolate nude torso breastplate adorned with f-holes and strings.  And breasts.  The hat seems to be milk chocolate. 

model wearing chocolate breastplate

Of course, this is a reference to the famous photo by Man Ray which is possibly the first ever public association of the similar shapes of women and stringed instruments.

Man Ray - naked woman with f-holes on her back

I looked for other pictures of women, preferably naked, with f-holes on their bodies. They weren't too hard to find.  Here are a few:

body painting - woman with cello painted on her back

fashion model wearing shirt with f-holes and the words PLAY CELLO

woman with f-hole tattoos

woman with f-hole tattoos

Want more?  There's an entire gallery of (mostly) women showing off their f-hole tattoos at a site called BMEZINE. 

The other pictures came from here and here and here and here.

You can buy f-hole merchandise here.

Want to read another MM post from 2006 where high fashion and musical esoterica are combined? Try Magazine for Renaissance Brass Players.  But it's mostly about a tune called Popcorn.  And Crazy Frog.

Also of possible interest: Charlotte Moorman, Topless Cellist

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annelaberge said...

Do you have any deep notions why the f-holes are so engaging?

David Ocker said...

I have no clues. Maybe people identify with being a cello. They want to be played. They want to be touched. They want to be held between someones legs. This is all mere speculation.

On the other hand, maybe the curvy f symbols are just sort of naturally sexy. People don't get tattoos of piano keys or wind instrument fingerings or brass valves. (Or do they?)

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I like your speculation. My favorite is the runway model with the chocolate f holes in the front. Read into that what you wish.