Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Musical Signs

Check out a tuneful restaurant, ride in a fast RV, buy some fancy clothing, enjoy wine with multiple voices, sip some Bachian java or relax in Mozartean elegance.

Musical Signs - Melody Restaurant
Musical Signs - Allegro Bus built by Tiffin Motor Homes, Red Bay Alabama
Musical Signs - Opera Fashions
Musical Signs - Counterpoint Wine
Musical Signs - Coffee Cantata
Musical Signs - Amadeus Spa and Salon
This is the third of a series. In part one we learned the words trio, forte, cornet, arpeggio, aria and allegro. In part two there was koda, tritono and concerto.


alb said...

It would be nice to see music vocabularies other than Italian permeating our sign culture: sturm und drang diner, twaalftoon bier.

Anonymous said...

I'm on a series too. Feral......... garden/orchards/religion/houses/animals