Thursday, June 18, 2009

Renewing My Blogging License

Ask any blogger. They'll tell you that keeping a valid blogging license means periodically posting pictures of your pets. Cute pictures are best. This humanizes us a little bit. We don't want you to think we're all cranky loners with strange ideas and unsupportable opinions who constantly misspell words while stealing copyrighted material from other websites.

This years parade begins with our dog Chowderhead. Not his best angle.

our dog Chowderhead (c) David Ocker
Here is Crackle. He's shy.

Crackle the cat peeks out from behind a wall (c) David Ocker
This is Spackle, twin sister to Crackle.

Spackle the cat  (c) David Ocker
Finally, a serious portrait of Miss Ivy Turnstiles Smith-Perkette. She can be really annoying.

Miss Ivy Turnstitles-Perkette, the cat (c) David Ocker
You'll have to ask for an explanation of Ivy's full name. Click any picture for enlargement.

Here's the previous Blog License preserving post (Jan. 08).

Here's another one - which includes a piece of my music entitled In A Pissy Mood - dedicated to our cats. (April 07)

Here are pictures of The Ackles (that's Crackle & Spackle) as kittens. They were cute kittens. They're now 3 years old.

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LeslieWorms said...

No comments? How could anyone resist such cuties..... But I think you've skewed the natural order of things. The dog's position should be reversed with his attention riveted on you while the cats should be the ones turning away in disdain.

David Ocker said...

Yes dear.

I'm just trying to work with the pictures available to me.

ericnp said...

I would like an explanation for Miss Ivy Turnstiles Smith-Perkette's name. Also, does she often get called by her full name? Is that when she is being annoying? What annoying things does she do?

David Ocker said...

In the Bernstein/Comden & Green musical On The Town there's a character named Ivy Smith who becomes Miss Turnstiles, a beauty contest for women who ride the subway in NYC during 1942.

We named this cat after that character. Her name was Miss Ivy Turnstiles - there was no Smith. But the Smith wouldn't go away so we accepted it.

Ivy is not our first tuxedo cat. The previous one was named Perky Tuck or Perky for short another character, a rake.

When Ivy replaced Perky we found ourselves still calling the black and white by the name Perky by mistake. Finally we decided that the two of them must have been married at some point and Ivy had taken Perky's name - so it was all right for us to accidentally call her Perky.

As soon as we decided that we stopped calling her Perky.

We added the "-ette" to Perky because she's a girl. Go figure.

No, we never call her by her full name even when she's been very very bad. We call her Ivy - and she doesn't even respond to that.

You might remember that she's got six toes on each of her front paws. Such biological confusion seem to persist in other parts of her anatomy as well.

When we had her "fixed" she didn't get completely fixed. There must still be some ovaries left in there - somewhere. She still goes into heat on occasion and meows like a, well, cat in heat. Once, when an unfixed male named Mr. T visited, Ivy proved she was something of a slut. She just crouched down and gave it away.

Oh, and she marks territory. Sometimes just pees wherever she pleases. She demands attention sometimes and she demands it NOW. That's when she follows me around the house.

But we love her. Or maybe we're just stuck with her. She has great whiskers.

Did you really want to know all that or did you just want to make me type it for all the Internet to read?

Anonymous said...

I liked reading through your long explanation. Cats are complicated; people more so. I have a multi-toed black and white cat named Peoples. He took the place of black and white cat Ellenor. We call black and white cats cow cats. I shall blaaahhg about this one day.