Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Chowder Jump - Fur or Ball or Red

Using my pocket point-and-shoot I made a short video of one of those wonderful moments of our homelife and dog ownership.

Watch as Leslie bounces the red rubber ball for Chowderhead who, conveniently sun lit, jumps high in the air to catch it while avoiding collision with a potted cactus and eagerly returns the ball to Leslie for a chance to do it all again.

I modified the video a bit to extend the airborne moments.

Then I wrote two sound tracks for the video in such a way that they can be played simultaneously to create a third soundtrack. The three videos below are identical except each has a different soundtrack. They are entitled:
  • Chowder Jump Red
  • Chowder Jump Ball
  • Chowder Jump Fur
The last word of each title is an intentionally non-ordinal identifier. If I had called them "1" "2" and "3" you might have thought that was the proper order to watch them.

There is no proper order. In fact, you don't have to watch them all (or any of them) unless you want to pick a favorite. And we all want to back a winner. Maybe I should have named them:
  • Chowder Jump Clinton
  • Chowder Jump Obama
  • Chowder Jump McCain

I've posted a similar two-separate-pieces-overlaid-to-create-a-third-piece combination before. Click here to read about the "My Dad" pieces. But the mp3s aren't online any longer. Too bad.

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1 comment :

Peter (the other) said...

I jump for chowder too (happy dog). Interesting match of energy levels... left hand torso, right hand tail... A four-legged animal is much easier to sync for as Murch points out we can only really follow about 2.5 things at a time.

Somehow had tiny-tinge of Nancarrow... what do I know?