Friday, November 30, 2007

30 Second Spots - Dinkelspiel

This piece was inspired by the name of Dinkelspiel Auditorium at Stanford University. I guess it means "Play a Dinkel" or maybe "Dinkel Play". But what's a dinkel? Click here for an answer.

With a name like Dinkelspiel it just has to be music. Listen for the three-chord "Dinkelspiel Theme".

Click on either picture to listen to Dinkelspiel by David Ocker  © 2007 - 39 Seconds

Dinkelspiel Auditorium - Stanford University (c) David Ocker

Thanks to one of these people for finding out the meaning of dinkel by using the Internet.

Dinkelspiel Auditorium - Stanford University (c) David Ocker
Dinkelspiel is (c) November 29, 2007 David Ocker 39 Seconds

Addendum 2011: So, the link to the meaning of Dinkel doesn't work anymore. I remember that in German Dinkel means "spelt" - a kind of grain. Apparently it also means "penis" to some people. I bet that makes for some good jokes.

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