Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mr. ComposerHead Asks Himself – WHY TO BLOG?

I've posted a new Mister Composer Head article on Mister Composer Head which is Mister Composer Head's blog. You'll remember, maybe, that I have become Mister Composer Head's amanuensis - basically converting his emails into his blog posts by hand.

To read the entire post you must go to his blog. His new post is entitled
Mr. ComposerHead Asks Himself – WHY TO BLOG?

Mr. C.H. laments:
"It would be nice to hear a new album, a new artist, that excited me like I was in the days of my youth, the way Captain Beefheart, or Stockhausen, or the Beatles did."

Later he tells this story: "I attended a local event recently that almost made me wish I had a notebook handy. I jotted things down in the car later, so I wouldn’t forget. It is still possible to hear a concert of new music and go home inspired to write some more of your own." which leads him to make some comments about "The Guardians of Art"

Then he asks how one can find art that inspires - he makes references to
  • "Beginner's Mind"
  • Joshua Tree
  • mashed potatoes
Other creative artists Mr. Compser Head mentions in this post are:
  • The Handsome Family
  • Johnny Cash
  • Leonard Cohen
  • The Band
  • Frank Zappa
  • Richard Brautigan
  • James Joyce
  • Kurt Schwitters
  • Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  • Allen Ginsberg
Awww - why don't you go read the whole thing just the way he wrote it: Mr. ComposerHead Asks Himself – WHY TO BLOG?

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