Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Advertising with Disney Hall

Ever since they completed the swoopy architecture of Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles it has been a common backdrop for advertising - especially for fancy automobiles.

I really liked this picture of actresses from Leslie's copy of Vanity Fair . Unfortunately this is not the new uniform for Disney ushers, it was promotion for a movie.

No word on how many ankles were broken when they landed. Here's the same scene sans jumping actresses.

Here's an NPR article about jumping fish.

It's quite right for corporations to contribute to the Philharmonic. This is a form of patronage. In exchange the corporations should be properly acknowledged. This is a form of advertising.

Acura, for example, offers a small rebate to certain concert goers. For some concerts you get free parking if you drive up to Disney Hall in one of their cars. That's a big $8 discount. (The cheapest recent Acura sold on Ebay was an '86 Integra with 163,000 miles. It went for $585.75, about the cost of parking for just 74 concerts.)

The last time I attended a Disney Hall concert Acura also sponsored the after-concert reception. They served Acura brownies. (click picture to enlarge it)

Acura brownies at Disney Hall
While eating our brownies, we watched this static light projection on the wall of BP Hall. It makes me wonder where Batman is.

Inside the concert hall itself the stage has been named.

I guess their idea is that everyone at a concert will be reminded subliminally of this:

It would be a much better world if you were reminded of classical music each time you saw the bank's stagecoach, rather than being reminded of a bank each time you saw the concert stage.

But I doubt any orchestra has enough resources to patronize a bank. Just imagine the tagline: "This bank has been brought to you by ... "

You can buy a Fuck Frank Gehry t-shirt here.

Here a The New Yorker story about Frank Gehry's reaction to the shirts.

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