Saturday, March 10, 2007

Graffiti Animals of California

Yes, these pictures are indeed blog filler. You'll find an L.A. Cat with no arms wearing a coat, a baseball-cap-wearing bird from San Francisco with money under its arm, a dragon with a heart who lives on a telephone switch box, a head of a young girl on the body of a dinosaur (or maybe the Loch Ness monster), a Santa Monica commentary about non-carnivorous hooliganism and, finally, the Think Outside the Box Monster.

a graffiti cat on a sticker on a light pole in La Canada California
a graffiti bird wearing a baseball cap and holding money on a sticker somewhere in San Francisco
graffiti on a telephone switch box in Pasadena, a dragon with a heart
graffiti on a sidewalk outside a church in Pasadena, a girl's head on the body of a dinosaur
Click here for an early Mixed Meters post devoted to pictures of Pasadena Fauna.

a graffiti rabbit drawn by someone in Santa Monica who doesn't like being told not to eat meat
Here's a story about how giant German bunny rabbits might feed hungry North Koreans.

Think Outside the Box Monster (what an original outside the box idea, huh?) in an alley in Santa Monica
This recent picture is the rear of the building in Santa Monica which used to be a dance studio called The House, site of this 1982 Independent Composers Association concert featuring music by John Cage.

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