Tuesday, October 31, 2006

3 Minute Climax - The Boy Scout Copyright Police

Mixed Meters finally returns with another musical comment on important stories in the news.

Click here to hear The Boy Scout Copyright Police inspired by this news story about the Los Angeles Boy Scouts' new "Respect Copyright" badge - which youngsters can earn by learning about and respecting other people's copyrights.

The Boy Scout Copyright Police is based more or less on the six musical notes visible on the patch. Click on it for an enlargement. There are three movements - entitled Scouts Dishonor, Thy Neighbors MP3 and The Lockstep March.

Copyright (c) 2006 by David Ocker - 2 minutes 53 seconds

3 Minute Climaxes may well replace 30 Second Spots (which have been getting longer and longer anyway). This one is really just 3 Spots all based on the same musical motif from the patch. I wonder if the Scouts copyrighted it. Explanation of 30 second spots

(Special request - this mp3 file for The Boy Scout Copyright Police is in a new location. I'd appreciate any comments about how easy or hard it is for you to hear it. Thanks.)

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Anonymous said...

"Boy Scout" downloaded in a coupla seconds at home yesterday - took a few minutes from Berklee today, probably due to our busy & slow network