30 Second Spots (David's short pieces)

(Short pieces from the 21st Century. All are © David Ocker.)

With Extra Butter   (44 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Naughty Last Movement   (49 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Rose Room   (83 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

You're Blaming Me For This   (59 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

I Don't Know Why This Piece Is Called Whiskey   (42 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

I Need A Better Placebo   (40 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Inspiration and Punishment   (113 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Cuffus   (37 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

The Super Bowl Baby Trilogy
The Hungry Baby Pregame Tailgate Party   (31 sec.)   [listen]    [read]
The Crying Baby Halftime March   (34 sec.)   [listen]    [read]
The Sleeping Baby Postgame Wrapup   (33 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

My Ten Favorite Things About 2012   (39 sec.)   [Watch and listen]    [read]

Freud Was Wrong About the Cigar   (108 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

The Name of This Piece Is   (53 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Deep Underground, Workers Make the Ring   (81 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Just Be A Regular Person Like Everyone Else   (39 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Tell The Truth More Easily With Fiction   (37 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

David's Divot   (51 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Reflections On Not Having Composed Even One Note For Two Months   (46 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Frustration Etude Number One   (100 sec.)   [listen]    [read]
WARNING - Gratuitous Profanity - NSFW!!!

Tuesday's More Modern Than Monday   (45 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Desktop Stilllife   (407 sec.)   [watch & listen]    [read]
(A video incorporating five different 30 Second Spots)

And So On And So On   (30 sec.!!)   [listen]    [read]

The Nurkle (for Vinny)   (34 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

The following 3 spots form a trilogy:
The Medallion   (30 sec.!!)   [listen]    [read]
Flight of the Rhino   (42 sec.)   [listen]    [read the Mixed Meters Music Manifesto]
Final Descent of the Rhino   (133 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Dinklespiel   (39 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

OK   (36 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Bill Kraft's San Francisco Waltz Toon   (80 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

(I've Got) Twenty Balls In My Fingers And I'm Not Done Yet   (34 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

That's It, No More   (34 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Macaca's Jewish Mama   (31 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

The Gray Song   (54 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Jihadist Boogie   (59 sec.)   [listen]    [read]   [read]

The Laptop In Live Performance?   (35 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Carpool   (38 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Until The Alligators Knock Him Down   (40 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

And Pretend That It's A Circus Clown   (36 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Outlawing Irate TV Crime Show Hosts   (34 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

I Should Be Doing Spanish Homework Because It's Due Today, But I Don't Feel Like It   (45 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Poof, You're a Pimp Trailer   (56 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

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