3 Minute Climaxes & 10 Minute Breaks

(Longer pieces from the 21st Century. All are © David Ocker.)

3 Minute Climaxes

Not A Happy Camper   (413 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Who Cares If You Listen   (165 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Jinglemonics   (247 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

A Terrific Soporific   (464 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

I Couldn't Sleep   (197 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Bernie Madoff's Golden Parachute   (149 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

A Combination of Jingle Bells and The Internationale   (327 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

The Ocker Scale   (258 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

This Is Not The Title   (337 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

This Is Not The Title EITHER   (400 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

In A Pissy Mood   (282 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

The On-Topic Blues For Alex and The Off-Topic Blues For Alex   (198 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Jungle Bells   (209 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Jingle Bulls   (231 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

The Real Jejune Vasectomy   (221 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

The Best Thing About Led Zeppelin   (243 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Not So Cuckoo Cuckoo   (211 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

The Boy Scout Copyright Police   (173 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

10 Minute Breaks

Going Coastal 2   (700 sec.)   [watch & listen]    [read]

Solstice Lights   (640 sec.)   [watch & listen]    [read]

Oil and Water Mix   (666 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Poof, You're A Pimp   (722 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Thinking With Other People's Words   (509 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

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